Your Quarterlife Crisis is a Quarterlife Chance

Today I looked at the Evening Standard and tadaa!

On the front page there is the image of a young woman screaming and the big words

Journalist Susannah Butter wrote an article about the quarter-life crisis.
She talks about how a quarterlifer Charlotte Owen went through it and is addressing how being 25 (and probably that is just a house number) has become more scary these days. More competition on the job market, less job security, feeling lonely despite hundreds of facebook friends, these are just some of the symptoms, she lists.

Yes, quarter life has changed in comparison to how our parents grew up, but should we look at it as a crisis?

How about looking at it as a huge chance?

When I was 24, I more or less stumbled over the chance to be coached. A life coach in training asked me to be her guinea pig.
At that time I knew it was time for change. I felt my job was not offering me what I really wanted and living in London was quite a struggle. To be fair, I was working more than living too.

Her powerful questions and the coaching tools she applied, really opened my eyes to what I was dreaming of. In just two sessions I could start to see what my path, my life, could look like. (Read my story in more detail here)

And from that day on, I completely turned my life around.

As quarter lifers, we are at the height of our potential and with the new media technologies and a changing world, we have every chance and right to have an impact as 25 year olds.

Therefore my offer for the acronym QLC is ‘QUARTER-LIFE CHANCE or CREATION‘!

Your opportunity to nip a midlife crisis in the bud, by getting to know yourself, who you are and what you want TODAY. Now that you are young and certainly way before you realise that for 40-odd years you haven’t really lived.
It is your chance to create the life you want to live every day anew, so you feel alive and at ease.

My dream is and was to make people grow, so I became a life coach.

Your path, is starting when you choose to view your quarterlife crisis as a chance, and it will most likely look different. Simply because it will be yours and yours alone.

My advice to you:

Tell us your view and remedies for a QLC. Leave a comment!

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