I might as well die now… a morbid celebration

I have a very morbid way of celebrating my successes. When something goes really well, I am overflown with joy and my heart is dancing the sentence that pops straight into my mind is: “Now would be a good moment to die.” So happened yesterday, coming back after a successful […]

Laura Ahnemann

Uncover the Leader in You

Leaders sometimes hide. I know that from my own experience and yet once our creative spirit and our full ‘ROAR’ is unleashed, we move into action and create the most amazing things. When I first started out and decided to go self employed to be my own leader, I was […]

be who you are


Your Quarterlife Crisis is a Quarterlife Chance

Today I looked at the Evening Standard and tadaa! On the front page there is the image of a young woman screaming and the big words ‘ARE YOU HAVING A QLC? – THE RISE OF THE QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS‘ Journalist Susannah Butter wrote an article about the quarter-life crisis. She talks […]