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Sense – Choose – Move, Feel Better

We have incredible powers as human beings. Our cognition is one, the wonders of our organism are certainly another. Have you ever taken the time to appreciate how your body recovers from let’s say a common cold? Or how your sore muscles stop aching after a day or so and […]

feel better

I might as well die now… a morbid celebration

I have a very morbid way of celebrating my successes. When something goes really well, I am overflown with joy and my heart is dancing the sentence that pops straight into my mind is: “Now would be a good moment to die.” So happened yesterday, coming back after a successful […]

Laura Ahnemann

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Uncover the Leader in You

Leaders sometimes hide. I know that from my own experience and yet once our creative spirit and our full ‘ROAR’ is unleashed, we move into action and create the most amazing things. When I first started out and decided to go self employed to be my own leader, I was […]