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Sense – Choose – Move, Feel Better

We have incredible powers as human beings. Our cognition is one, the wonders of our organism are certainly another. Have you ever taken the time to appreciate how your body recovers from let’s say a common cold? Or how your sore muscles stop aching after a day or so and […]

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Your Quarterlife Crisis is a Quarterlife Chance

Today I looked at the Evening Standard and tadaa! On the front page there is the image of a young woman screaming and the big words ‘ARE YOU HAVING A QLC? – THE RISE OF THE QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS‘ Journalist Susannah Butter wrote an article about the quarter-life crisis. She talks […]

Fun and Depth – Picnic in the Park

NEXT UP: 11 September 2013 Let’s play! The weather is making games outside a bit of an adventure, so let’s move inside and have a cosy and playful evening. From board games, via improv to story telling we get to compete, learn, collaborate and mainly enjoy our time together. Bring […]

Young People jumping

Proudly showing off 50 Manamanas on Meetup

Free Taster of Fun and Depth in London this Wednesday!

About two weeks ago we sent out first requests for help spreading the word about Fun and Depth – a group to feel at ease in London to many of our friends and contacts, and started experimenting with ways of creating visibility: We signed up to and posted on […]