Work with Laura

Make Yourself Home offers services which build strong community and support your personal growth. To work with Laura is a clear and fun way to feeling alive, and at ease in yourself and the place you live in.

1-2-1 Quality Time

Work With Laura


To create the change in your life you want and need, to bust any mood swings, anxieties or feeling of stuck 1-2-1 work with Laura can do wonders. There is only so much you can do alone, online or in group settings and there is another level of intensity and outcome, when empowered by a 1-2-1 Power Package. Find out more about Leadership from Within, the BIG CITY Starter Package and The Make Yourself Home Signature Series.



Fun and Depth Community

Work with Laura: Fun and Depth - a group to be at ease in London


Work with Laura in a group setting in Central London. Find friends, beat loneliness and have fun! Life is best lived when witnessed and shared with other like-minded people. And you feel most alive when you have fun, highs and action as well as depth, lows and reflection. Make Yourself Home Community Events offer all of that and more…



Healthy and Strong Body → Calm and Focussed Mind



Through The Nia Technique® I have found myself become incredibly fit, focussed and energised. Having your body in shape can work wonders in order to get your life in shape.

You might like exercise or not, Nia® will offer you a fun way to become more body aware, strong, agile, flexible, balanced and faster in terms of all of you: cognitive and physical.

Ask me about 1-2-1 Nia Classes and check out what Nia® is about.