Sense – Choose – Move, Feel Better

We have incredible powers as human beings. Our cognition is one, the wonders of our organism are certainly another.
Have you ever taken the time to appreciate how your body recovers from let’s say a common cold?
Or how your sore muscles stop aching after a day or so and you feel better?

Our body knows how to take care of itself. Learn three ways in which you can support your self healing process:

1) Create Awareness – Sense

Don’t block out what’s going on, don’t push through your body signals telling you that something is not quite right. Instead take a moment to acknowledge what is and sense for any stuck, creaky, painful or clunky sensations in your body.
Debbie Rosas
Debbie Rosas says: “I believe sensing, in its original essence is the fruitful miracle of communication discovered in the midst of thinking, and that sensing and feeling leads to healing, to living and dying well.”

2) Choose to feel better

choose to feel betterOften our mind is our body’s worst saboteur. Negative self talk perpetuates stress and pressure. The comfort blanket of complaining about our niggles and aches soothes our readiness to act.
Have you ever heard yourself say ” I’ve always had this pain in my ______ (fill in the blank).”?

Whether living in a body that is well, or in a body dealing with short and/or long term illness, even death, a “feeling better” feeling can be achieved.


3) Move

Our body is designed to move. Nia‘s tagline is “Through movement we find health.” It is rooted in the belief that human potential is found in the somatic expression of the body, mind, emotions, and unique spirit of each individual. Moving offers you a wealth of sensory input, the freedom to express and experiment. A tiny tweak can move your body from “Ouch!” to “Ahhh”.

You might have noticed that with this we are completing the cycle: Sense – Choose – Move – Sense – Choose – Move – Sense – Choose… 

Moving to HealThis is all you need to feel better. You are welcome 😉

If you want to deepen your learning and take action towards feeling better.

If you would like to feel supported by a community of people, a teacher and a beautiful space, then attend the upcoming Moving to Heal class with Laura in Vauxhall on Saturday, 2nd April 2016.

The Moving to Heal (M2H) class supports people dealing with a wide range of issues from addiction recovery, injury, trauma, grief, short-term, to long-term illness and is open to anyone who would simply like to feel better.
Moving to Heal classes teach people to listen to the voice of the body – sensation. Sensation is the tool for self-healing.

The class begins with a body awareness walk and ends with body gratitude. Nia teacher Laura guides students through a mindful movement experience using Nia’s 7 class cycles beginning with a focus and intent, warm up, aerobic movement and consciously stepping out.
Each class culminates in a Dancing Through Life tip – to bring the self-healing focus into your daily life.

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