Raving Fans

“Laura has helped me move my life forwards in areas I felt were stuck and has opened my eyes to things I didn’t even consider to be holding me back. She highlighted the positive steps that I was taking as we progressed in the coaching sessions as well as taking the time to get to know me and the way I handle my outlook on life. Since starting the coaching sessions with Laura I have seen improvements in my career, work/life balance and in my relationships. Using some of the exercises and tools during the sessions has greatly helped my mental focus and I even feel physically better!

Laura is an excellent coach that has held my hand, given me a gentle push when I need it and then let me find my own way. I would highly recommend coaching sessions from her anytime!”

Kiran, Kickass Wholistic Practitioner from London, UK

A year later she wrote to Laura saying: “I’ve been meaning to message you for a while. It hit me at the moment when I was lying on the beach sipping a coconut shake, in a wooden hut, in between training sessions near the gym- that was the dream that I had envisioned and told you about and it was actually happening.”

One of Laura’s coaching clients, gave her a bunch of yellow roses to that her for bringing sunshine into her life. She went out and spread the love on the streets of Victoria. Free sunshine for those who noticed and wanted it 😀

“When I started this adventure with Laura, I was skeptical about coaching. I did not believe in it at all! I was just curious to understand why a lot of people said they could benefit from it. Thanks to her, I completely changed my mind and I have a clearer idea of where I am going to. She is an extremely professional and inspiring coach. Thank you, Laura, you have done a brilliant job! Strongly recommended.”

Claudio, UK Entrepreneur, May 2013

“We were a good match. Laura brings to her coaching relationships a genuine care for her clients. That genuine caring gave me space to get to that real stuff and I trusted Laura, allowing me to go ahead and open up. Laura exudes and elicits from others a brilliant love for life. Laura is a gifted coach. Laura’s positive energy is contagious.“ 

Judy Beckwith, Judy Beckwith Coaching, US

“Laura has been a fantastic coach, she has really helped to empower me at a time when I’ve felt very alone and unsupported and as a result of Laura’s coaching I’ve come through a difficult patch feeling stronger and more confident and with more clarity about how to go about. She has been incredibly empathic and supportive. She has provided me with some valuable tools to help me set goals and to deal with any barriers that may get in the way of achieving these.

Also thanks to her great sense of humour I’ve managed to rediscover my own sense of
humour, and I am very grateful to her for this.”

Abi, working mum, UK

“It was quite amazing that whatever mood I was in, after being coached by Laura there was a feeling of lightness and better view, of where I want to go and how. I can only recommend to go for it and face her questions!”

Mirco Meyer, Entrepreneur that brings simplicity to people, Berlin, DE

“Ich habe mich immer total auf die nächste Coaching Session mit Laura gefreut, denn ich wusste am Ende gehe ich mit neuer Energie und irgendwie beruhigt, die Sachen an die mich beschäftigen. Dank Coaching wusste ich, ich kümmere mich um mich selber, ich schaffe mir Leichtigkeit in meinem Leben und packe die Sachen an die noch nicht laufen. Das hat mir Selbstvertrauen gegeben und Laura war an meiner Seite um mich zu bestärken und mich darauf aufmerksam zu machen, wenn ich mir nicht gerecht wurde.

Lauras Gabe sich in mich hinein zu versetzen hat mich erstaunt. Laura hat mir mit so einfachen Sachen, wie meinem pinkfarbenen Nagellack vor Augen geführt, dass ich meine Persönlichkeit, meinen Charakter irgendwie in meinen Beruf einbauen sollte und das eigentlich auch nichts anderes geht. Ich würde jederzeit wieder Coaching mit Laura machen, bei ihr weiß ich, ich bin gut aufgehoben und ich lerne fürs Leben.” 

J.M. Entrepreneuse in Singapore