11 Reasons why I endorse The Nia Technique 4

I trained as a Nia White Belt in March 2013 and I continue to be amazed by what it adds to my life and my profession as a coach and facilitator. Here is a list of reasons why I fully endorse The Nia Technique and why you should try it: […]

Laura Ahnemann

Nia Somatic Education for Coaches

Somatic Education for Coaches, Trainers and Facilitators

Are you a coach interested in getting your client out of their head? Have you noticed how what is communicated without words in a coaching session can hold huge value for your client? Do you want more body awareness for yourself as a trainer and coach? If you answer to any of […]

I might as well die now… a morbid celebration

I have a very morbid way of celebrating my successes. When something goes really well, I am overflown with joy and my heart is dancing the sentence that pops straight into my mind is: “Now would be a good moment to die.” So happened yesterday, coming back after a successful […]

Laura Ahnemann

Turning 30 – Arrrgh! 2

  An article about what turning 30 is like right now. The BIG 3 0 is approaching in my life and I’m having regular little panic attacks – I am freaking out.   Arrrgh! I am turning 30 and I do not have… a house or flat that you could […]