Nia White Belt Training – What if your body…

What if your body…

  • is the most important thing you own?
  • knows best when to pause.
  • is designed to move you every day with pleasure.
  • is the source of your intuition and depth.
  • allows you to connect to yourself and others fully.
  • will keep you young, fit and able.

Would you want to get to know it better?

Choose to attend the Nia White Belt Intensive Course in London, UK this August.

During the 2-weekend course you will comprehensively explore physical sensation through five competency areas of study including movement, music, anatomy, science and philosophy. This joyful journey into the self is instrumental in helping you develop body knowing by learning to listen, interpret and consciously respond to the information your body communicates to you via sensation.

Your trainer is Nia Black Belt and Certified Executive Coach Dorit Noble.

When: 13-16 and 21-23 August 2015

How much: Training Cost: $1,599 ($799.50 registration fee + $799.50 instruction fee)

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White Belt Intensive in London
As a Certified Coach (CPCC, ACC) for Courageous Young Leaders, Nia (TM) Teacher and Workshop Leader my experience attending the White Belt about a year and a half ago I, Laura Ahnemann, can describe as this:

“By attending Dorit’s White Belt Training in The Nia Technique(TM) I have established a deep and loving connection to my body.
The course taught me all I needed to know in order to start teaching Nia soon after and kick started an exploration of what it means to communicate with and learn from my physical body.
I have gained tremendous confidence, sustained energy, health and fitness in the week long course.
Dorit leads the training with clarity, alert awareness and her full embodied wisdom of living and breathing this body of work for ten years and more.”

Idil Seytanoglu CTI Certified Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach says:
“Great experience to attend the while belt course with you, it is something that helps my training, coaching and personal life. You are an amazing trainer Dorit and thank you very much for this. I think this course is fantastic for anyone who is coaching or facilitating”

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