Fun and Depth – Picnic in the Park

After a successful pilot, Fun and Depth – a group to feel at ease and alive in London is back with a sweet Summer Superprogramme!

– Beat loneliness and feeling lost in London.
– Meet like minded people and make friends. Connect at a more authentic level.
– Discover more about yourself, what you want and where you are headed in life.
– And not to forget: have lots of Fun!

Read more about this group here.

When the sun comes out, it is really painful to be sitting in the office all day and not to have sun rays tickle your nose.

In July, August and September on Wednesdays after work (19:30-21:30) you shall therefore have a chance to escape the office building and join us for picnic in the park.

Nine events, which promise to get you moving and into action as well as spark your curiosity about how you live your life and what you want.

It will be FUN, it will be DEEP and the group will create strong bonds the more you attend.

The line up is pretty special and AWESOME:

Date Event Price
03 July 2013, 19:30 Let’s picnic and peek behind our masks £12.00
10 July 2013, 19:30 Let’s meet up to sing and perform £12.00
07 August 2013, 19:30 Let’s picnic and criticize the critical voices in our heads £12.00
14 August 2013, 19:30 Let’s picnic and learn about our energy £12.00
21 August 2013, 19:30 Let’s picnic and fight for what you want £12.00
04 September 2013, 19:00 Let’s picnic and laugh our heads off £12.00
11 September 2013, 19:30 Let’s picnic and have games in the park £12.00
18 September 2013 Let’s celebrate! £12.00

Check out all events either here or on meet up and note that all new joiners can take advantage of my sign-up bonus!