Fun and Depth – A Group to feel at Ease and Alive

Fun and Depth – a group to feel at ease and alive

A community for international young professionals and expatriates (23-35 or young at heart) who want to…
…beat loneliness and feeling stressed and drained in London.
…meet like minded people and make friends. Connect with people at an authentic level.
…discover more about themselves, what they want and where they are headed in life.
…and not to forget: have lots of Fun!

This group offers a great mix of playful physical activities (e.g. singing, dancing, hula hoop), and curious discovery of yourself and others in the group (e.g. self discovery treasure hunt, building stress resilience, connecting authentically).

Invite your friends along, tell everyone you think will benefit from this group, e-mail our group link to anyone feeling lonely or frustrated in London, because there is truly no reason to feel that way, when this group exists.

What attendees say:

Group Testimonial


We are on, so come and join us!

If you are interested in running a local Fun and Depth group in your city, please get in touch immediately and I’ll be very happy to discuss things further.

Summer 2014: Open Eyes, Open Ears Summer Series

Open Eyes and Ears - together everyone achieves moreMeet amazing like minded Londoners, who are courageous (they come from their heart) and willing to share their story in order to start writing history together.
Open Eyes, Open Ears will be a fun series of activities, which at great value for money is bringing a bunch of fantastic people together in this British Summer.

Read more and get your ticket!

Open Eyes, Open Ears Summer Series

April 2015: Personal Leadership Retreat in the French Alps

In cooperation with our dear friend Caroline Purkhardt, hotel owner, experienced Leadership Trainer, Coach and more, we will be running a week long Personal Leadership Retreat in the The Lodge in the French Alps near Grenoble.

Details are to be announced soon. As mentioned before, sign up to the mailing list  to be the first to know about the programme details.



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Previously in the Fun and Depth Community:

The Pilot in London

Fun and Depth - a group to be at ease in LondonA series of five after work events for young professionals (23-35 or young at heart).

From May until June 2013 a group of 5 people became friends, started to explore who each of them really is and figured out what it means to feel at ease in the heart of London.

In a mix of fun and depth, active and reflective sessions we enjoyed good company and learnt what it means to be human and real in this demanding city.


Picnic in the Park

When the sun comes out, it is really painful to be sitting in the office all day and not to have sun rays tickle your nose.

In July, August and September on Wednesdays after work you therefore had a chance to escape the office building and join for picnic in St James’ Park in London, UK.

In good Make Yourself Home style we had time to just chat as well as for activities which have been truly fun, active as well as deep and reflective.

Awesome Autumn

Awesome AutumnAttendees of the previous events since April 2013 have given me great feedback and here we go: Awesome Autumn is coming up with ‘Fun and Depth into the Woods’ Sundays (days out in nature), ‘Fun and Depth Games Nights’ on Fridays and a special series of Wednesday events focussing on finding purpose and direction, if you contemplate to change jobs or are unsure where to head in life this is for you.

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