Fun and Depth – The Pilot group to feel at ease in London

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– Beat loneliness and feeling lost in London.
– Meet like minded people and make friends. Connect at a more authentic level.
– Discover more about yourself, what you want and where you are headed in life.
– And not to forget: have lots of Fun!

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What it is about

London is a challenging place to live in, not only because of its size and the feeling of one’s own anonymity, but also due to its huge variety and the typically very competitive working environments. Being overwhelmed, a sense of loneliness, a longing for a quieter, homelier place or just a feeling of disconnect can easily become the consequences. That’s what happened to me when I came to live and work in London seven years ago, and I must admit it took me at least 9 months to find my feet and establish London as my home city.

Making friends, finding hobbies and activities you love – in this city there are certainly enough oportunities to go out and socialise, but which one do you choose, which one can you trust? Which one will offer more than just shallow chit chat and drinks or not limit me to the same type of activity over and over again?

So, I thought I would bring together a group of curious explorers, who want to do lots of crazy active fun stuff with me in London, and are willing to be human and learn about themselves in more depth. And here we are, ‘Fun and Depth in the City’ is born!

This is the pilot programme. In summer we will continue with picnic events in the park and there is more in the pipeline. ^up^

Who is it for?
This is a series of five afterwork events for young professionals (23-35 or young at heart).

This is the right programme for you

    • If you are new to London, dealing with plenty of overwhelm and want to explore your new home and its people more.
    • If you have lived here for a while now, but your life mainly revolves around work, or some of your friends have left. You feel it is time to do more and make more connections outside of work.
    • If you are fed up with shallow socialising, and the meaningless drinking to overcome insecurities, and more interested in a group where you can show up as who you are and will feel permission to bring all of yourself.
    • If the programme is literally calling you (DO IT!) and you can’t wait to climb those trees and dive deep into who you are and where you feel at home.
    • If you are up for feeling alive. This programme won’t leave you unchanged. You will gain self awareness, body and emotional IQ and leadership skills which might change your life and that of others who know you (This is especially true if you decide to go premium and add on the coaching package, see below for more info)
    • If you want to be/do more of ______________ (fill in the gap) and are ready and set to go and claim it.


Time Table and Content of the ‘Fun And Depth – Adventurer’

Fun and Depth Event 1 1. May 2013
19:30 – 21:30
Getting to know each other with play and discovery London Victoria (The Marquis of Westminster)
Fun and Depth Event 2 8. May 2013
19:30 – 21:30
Self discovery treasure hunt London Victoria (The Marquis of Westminster)
Fun and Depth Event 3 22. May 2013 19:30 – 21:30 Let’s get sweating: Nia/Games/Swing/Sing London Victoria (tbd)
Fun and Depth Event 4 12. June 2013
19:30 – 21:30
Real Connection: what is it to be genuine with yourself and others London Victoria (The Marquis of Westminster)
Fun and Depth Event 5 19. June 2013
17:30 – 21:00
(note: you will have to leave work early)
Fun Finale: We Go Ape! In the high-rope adventure garden near Cockfosters Trent Park near Cock Fosters

This programme is designed to give you a great experience of physical and mental activities after work, which combine and balance reflection, relaxation and action. Trust me, this is going to be AMAZING and FUN and DEEP!

We will be a small group of 6-12 people who start and end the programme together, so make sure you put all dates into your calendar now. It will be a group that allows for real conversations, for taking our masks off and just being who we are.

The events will be run by me (Laura) or by selected colleagues and professionals who are qualified and experienced in what they are doing. ^up^
Your Host
Make Yourself Home Host LauraWhat qualifies me doing this is that I am a Certified Co-Active Life Coach and MSc graduate in Psychology, which make me a curious and constant student of what it means to be human and what it means to celebrate success and learning. Apart from that, since the age of 12, I have been involved in programme design for groups of people, starting with the scouts, moving on with student representative roles, and more recently to designing international development programmes for young professionals of Lufthansa German Airlines. Until today, I simply love putting together a programme that creates an alive and deep learning process for anyone who gets fully involved. Read more about me here.

A Summary

What When Info What it is worth What you pay
Basic Fun and Depth Pass Attend all 5 events to have loads of fun and depth £80 £80
Double up and add a 4hr Coaching Package Scheduled according to our availability Your Personal Leadership Plan + 3 individual coaching sessions £400 £80
Premium Fun and Depth Pass £480 £160

– Beat loneliness and feeling lost in London.
– Meet like minded people and make friends. Connect at a more authentic level.
– Discover more about yourself, what you want and where you are headed in life.
– And not to forget: have lots of Fun!

12  8 seats remaining for Fun and Depth in London!
Eventbrite - Fun and Depth in the City of London 
Get booking! The Coaching Package at this price is an exclusive offer to this group of people, limited to just 6 of the 12 spots and not likely to be repeated!

Read on if you are interested in the premium package, which at this value I will only offer during this pilot programme or skip to the FAQs

The Premium Package – Double up and triple the value of your package!

The Basic Fun and Depth Pass on its own will bring you a fabulous, fun and stretching experience but this exclusive offer is a true boost to your personal development.

It is especially for you if one or more of the below resonate:

  • You have a sense of your own power and leadership abilities and it is time to spread your wings.
  • You are currently wondering in what direction you want to make your next move.
  • You feel stuck where you are, and you know you have to get moving.
  • You are new to London and feel a bit lost or lonely.
  • You are in the middle of changing your life around, and it feels freaky and scary.

BEWARE: Coaching is a catalyst for change. Go for this option, because you are ready for transformation and personal development.

With the Premium Fun and Depth Pass you will get all five after work and in person fun and depth events, plus 4 hours of coaching in the form of a personal leadership plan and three 30 minute sessions with Laura (in person or via skype) You will go home with a real understanding of yourself, who you are becoming and what your impact is.  

This offer is worth £480 and you have the chance to book it for just £160 today. All I am asking you to do is to show up as who you are, take charge of your life, enjoy the coaching process and give me some feedback in the form of a written testimonial and a recorded interview (audio or video) which I can use for future promotions.

This is an exclusive offer to this group of people and limited to just 6 of the 12 spots and not likely to be repeated!  If this feels right for you, please be quick, because spaces are limited.

No strings attached. If you enjoy the coaching, then I will be happy to offer you a continuation package to support you in your ongoing growth and personal development. If you’ve had enough, you are free to just continue with more after work sessions (there will be a picnic series following in summer!) or to end the coaching there, and let the changes you want in your life unfold in their own time.


What if I cannot attend all dates?

I recommend that you only sign up, if you know you can attend all of them right now. There will be a series of pic nic events in the summer months which will allow for more dropping in and out (Leave your details, to be the first to know about it), but this group is meant to start, participate and finish together. Does that answer your question? If not get in touch.

I don’t know if Coaching is right for me?

Coaching is right for you if you like the idea of having a personal cheerleader, challenger and curious explorer by your side. I will not have all the answers or analyse everything. I will meet you at eye level and help you see your power and potential. Coaching gets you from an idea into action with your goals, it makes you fall in love with yourself and it creates more awareness of who you are and what resources you’ve got.

If you are still hungry to know more, click here. And also know that Coaching is powered by the coaching relationship, so get in touch now, get to know me and get a feeling for what awaits you.

What if I don’t like it? Money back Guarantee!

I doubt that this will happen. If you’ve read until this spot on the page and feel like this is for you, then I am sure you’ll love it. Go ahead and book your seat.

I am confident that this will be a great experience for you, so much so, that if you do not enjoy it, you are free to leave and will get your full ticket price reimbursed (excluding the booking transaction fee). All I am asking is for you to do a little exit interview with me, because I want to create a better programme and experience next time.

Can I bring a friend?

Oh yes please do! Let all your friends know, e-mail, tweet, facebook, post and talk about it.

There will be times when we do partner or group exercises and I will encourage you not to work with your closest friend, but by all means bring them on board. Make sure you bring the ones you want to have there with you. Those who support and champion your growth and change.

How do I get to the after work events?

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive detailed communications prior to each event, outlining all details and containing a comprehensive description of the location and how to get there by public transportation.

What s included in the ticket price?

The ticket price includes everything the group is involved in. There will be no further charges for the activities we do. There will be some snacks and a non-alcoholic drink. If you arrive hungry or very thirsty, you might want to make sure you feed yourself properly. So, bring some money for that and when we meet at the Marquis of Westminster Pub, why not come half an hour early and have time to eat and have a chat with ‘early arrivers’ like you and Laura?
In the premium ticket all of the above is included and a powerful 4 hour Coaching Package too.

Your own question

If you have another question I have not answered yet. Please send it to me, now. Click here use the contact mask or book a call time with me.
Get your place in Fun and Depth now:

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