What is that Coaching thing?

The official definition by the International Coach Federation is: “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Why Coaching?

Everybody and every body deserves coaching. Why?

Because there is so much to explore and love about yourself.

Why would you want that?

Do you want to feel alive? Do you want to feel at choice? In touch with meaning and purpose? Home in your body and your current living environment? Authentically connected with your friends and all other people you choose to connect to?

You can have all this and more. Once you know your values, life, which is always a bit like tapping in the dark or walking in unknown territory, will feel like you’ve found an inner compass.

Then, when we have looked at your vision and purpose, you’ll be able to see your North Star in front of you and your compass is set.

No more guessing around and wondering what you want to do with your life.

Third, when you start looking at your beautiful home, i.e. your body as well as who you are, your quirks, habits, your personality, etc. You start to see, how you tick, how many resources you have and how amazing you are, when you shine your light. We will build your confidence and trust.

Next, whenever  you feel lonely, challenged, stuck, run over by emotion or stress, coaching and the embodied work Laura offers you bring you clarity, compassion and new empowering ways of looking at the old patterns happening in your life. An idea will see action, an emotion will have permission to unfold. You get to be fully you, without your inner critic ruling over your inner leader.

Sounds good? Read on…

Coaching with Laura is coming home to yourself. Falling in love with yourself for who you are with all your strengths and the vulnerable, so far unappreciated bits of you.

Laura gives you space to explore, learn and grow, through questions, challenges and taking the coaching into your life with homework and accountability. She is your cheer leader, slave driver and honest companion all in one.

You will become a scientist of your life throughout the process and beyond, leaving you resourceful, resilient and creative long after our time together.

We will have fun even with tough topics, we’ll move and dance, we’ll laugh and cry no matter if we are  meeting on the phone or in person. We are  real and we play full out!

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