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Hello, I am Laura Ahnemann, founder of Make Yourself Home.

If you’re a young leader who wants to feel alive and at ease wherever you are, then you’re in the right place. I am passionate about being your travel companion en route to your home within, offering you confidence and clarity as to how you want to make your life fully yours.

Why? Because you deserve to be happy and healthy and the world needs people like you, who when on fire, spread their enthusiasm and ideas and positively impact on all around them as generously and shining as the sun.

My Story

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When I left home after school and started a trainee-programme with the Lufthansa Aviation Group, I wasn’t aware of the importance of feeling at home. I had grown up loved and cared for and my home city Eutin in the North of Germany had been idyllic and an ideal place to grow up in for a nature and activity lover like me.

My three years of training with Lufthansa took me to a lot of fascinating places in this world, both on holidays but also for work. I was moving house every 2-10 weeks. It’s fantastic in one way, but it takes its toll in another.
Soon I started hating it when I had to leave ‘home’, i.e. my parents’ home, after a short weekend visit. I’d either stomp off in anger or cry my eyes out. Also moving my stuff around was a real drag and in some places I’d made my temporary home, I even gave up on decorating my wall with familiar faces or favourite posters.
And then the big shock to my system – my parents decided to leave the house and city I had grown up in, to move to a bigger city closer to my dad’s work. I was so furious that they dared to steel MY HOME from me that I said to them: “I’m not going to help you move anything even an inch! If you want to leave our home, you have to deal with moving all of my stuff by yourselves!” Looking back I still feel the charge of my anger and I’m a bit embarrassed, but, hey, it was a big deal for me.

After the three-year trainee-programme was up, it was time to find a job within Lufthansa and an opportunity arose in London. My thinking was: Well, I’ve travelled to and lived in so many places, London can’t be that different to Munich, Frankfurt, Istanbul or others…

If I’d had one of those horrible buzzers that indicate a false answer in game shows, it would have gone off in a flash…

London turned out to be a whole different ball game

London was an explosion of things: big, competitive, so diverse, a real blast to all my senses, with the loud sirens, all the different languages and accents spoken, different body odours, lots of cultures and skin colours, which I had only seen on television. And the list goes on: expensive cramped housing, crowded public transport, and all along I was working more than living and travelling out of London on most weekends.

The first nine months were agony. Then I started my process of making myself home, by finding a physical space, which for the first time became worthy of the title ‘home’ again. It was cosy, I had nice house mates with local knowledge and I started exploring this city I was living in.

Here I could start growing roots again, and so I did. The generations of people sharing this house with me observing me contemplate about my career, get in touch with coaching, make the big decision to go on unpaid leave to study psychology and soon enough start training as a coach myself.

I became a co-active coach and found my professional home turf, thanks to a co-active coach who used me as her guinea pig during her training. I was 24 years old and wondering what to do next in my career. I sat there, in this coaching session, with my palms held out and open.
In the left palm I held: secure corporate job, good pay, chances to climb the career ladder, my parents not having to worry about or support me, etc.
And in my right palm I simply held my dream: wanting to make people grow.
Rationally one might say my left hand had its benefits. However, I knew that my path was waiting to be discovered, if I was to follow my right hand. So I did, and I’ve never looked back.

I am now an MSc in Psychology, a fully certified co-active coach, accredited by the ICF and I run a business of my own shaping. I have a place I call home, a loving man at my side, great friends and fun free time activities.
I have learned to feel truly at home in my skin for most of the time. And if I find myself uncomfortable, I know I have the power to turn things around – I can trust myself.

That’s what I want for you, too.

Find your physical home
Find friends and community in the city you live in
Find your path (be it profession or passion)
Know who you are and that you can trust yourself
And feel at home in your own skin

Home is where the heart is – make your heart, yourself, HOME.

How? Here are a few suggestions of how to get started:

If you are in London, join a community event . In these face-to-face or virtual meeting sessions everyone involved gets to connect with their aspirations, their emotional and body intelligence as well as to tons of FUN and DEPTH.

Why fun and depth?      Because I believe that to truly feel ALIVE we need, fun, laughter, joy, action AND depth, reflection, trust, self-care and just being.

Make Yourself Home also offers one-to-one support to young professionals seeking change in the form of co-active coaching.

Start with your body and feel alive in it again thanks to Nia. I teach Nia in Central London, but if you are somewhere else in the world have a look here for where your next Nia class is waiting for you.

Join in, explore the site with it’s fun resources, which we keep building.

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Sunny day

Sunny day near Buckingham Palace

” I now choose London, because it offers me an incredible wealth of opportunities. It allowed me to find the man I want to grow old with and a community of people who love me just the way I am.”

No matter where you are and what profession you are in. If you feel lonely or home sick, if you feel a piece of you is missing, then you are so right in this place. Thank you for finding us.

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