1-2-1 Quality Time

ConnectionTo create the change in your life you want and need, working 1-2-1 with Laura can work wonders.

There is only so much you can do alone, online or in group settings and there is another level of intensity and outcome, when empowered by a 1-2-1 Power Package.

You are ready for change? I am ready to be by your side.

Leadership from Within

A coaching programme that will have you stop playing small, claim your calling and courageously step into your unique leadership.

  • Are you an achiever? i.e.what you set your mind on, you create or at least have a go at.
  • Are you not a back-row kind of guy/gal? Rather you are the first to feel the urge to hold your hand up to volunteer or demonstrate something in front of a group.
  • Are you enthusiastic and relate to your peers, colleagues and to management?
  • Do you naturally lead or enable a team?

Are you courageous in some ways and yet you know you can dream even bigger, if only you knew what you are exactly dreaming of and how to get there?

If you are saying ‘yes’ to some or all of the above
Claim your calling and leadership!

BIG CITY Starter Package

You are an ambitious global citizen in your 20s or 30s who has recently moved or is about to move to London seeking new opportunities.
You feel yourself faced with a variety of challenges, like leaving friends and family, finding a place to stay and/or work in a completely new territory.
Stay calm I’ve got your back!
In a mix of sharing my experience and coaching you as well as hands on practical tips your London arrival experience will become smooth, decisive and will reflect who you are.

This city does not necessarily welcome you with open arms – culture shock, glass ceilings, the anonymity of the masses are factors which should not jeopardise your start in London.
Let’s rock London Survival together and more than that love London and love yourself, while you are starting this new adventure.

The BIG CITY Starter Package includes a long Induction session and 10 follow up sessions via skype or in person (in Central London: Victoria or Farringdon, additional charges may apply). Each session will be tailored to your needs and have elements of coaching and mentoring. We work over a period of 4-6 months to really get you ball rolling.

Make Yourself Home Signature Series

You are an open minded professional or graduate who has left home turf to seek new opportunities, such as work or further education in a different place/different places.
You are driven by your ambitions and right now you have trouble recognising yourself. It’s as if you had silenced a part of you to get on, resulting in feeling exhausted. Now you have a demanding job, a buzzing life style and yet where you are, you are often feeling challenged by the competitive, little rewarding culture at work and you miss having your real friends around for a genuine chat, a cry and a laugh.
With an anonymous neighboorhood and too many options to choose from for your social life you are feeling trapped in a meaningless Get up – go to work – come home – go to bed – Cycle.

Unlock your creativity, your confidence and your big heart through 1-2-1 work with Laura. With the help of Coaching and somatic movement you will tap into feeling alive and yourself again in no time.
Laura will have you fall in love with your strengths and imperfections. So that you have nothing to silence or hide within you anymore. With that new found energy, you can start building your circle of friends, community and more meaningful life.
Trust yourself, ask for what you want and re-build your career to suit you.
Make Yourself Home.

The Make Yourself Home Signature Series includes a long induction session and 10 follow up sessions via skype or in person (in Central London: Victoria or Farringdon, additional charges may apply). We work over a period of 4-6 months to really get you ball rolling. Get in touch to discuss your questions and to get started:

What I can help with:
– Feeling lost and lonely right now? I can help you feel at ease and alive in the place you live and in yourself.
– Looking for your next step in your career or after education? Take it consciously and confidently with me by your side.
– Lack of acknowledgements and praise at work? Fed up with feeling stuck in a work place that doesn’t inspire you? Let’s induce some change for the better.
– Not sure who you are, what you want or where the person is gone you once were? Let’s find you and your path.
– Are you failing to listen to your own voice, keeping yourself small, because you are afraid how powerful or risky coming out of the closet could be? Well let me tell you, I will tickle you out of that closet and into an alive and exciting life.
– I also support you in sensing your body and feeling at ease and at home in your physical body